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Confettii Basmati

This post is short and sweet, just like the dinner. It is all about leftovers and garden veggies, which is always a priority for us during the summer months. Earlier in the week, we had Indian Stew (a variation of the Moroccan Stew), and I made extra basmati rice. In an attempt to clean out the fridge and use up our garden veggies, I pulled out the rice, a leftover ear of Iowa sweet corn, a quarter of a yellow squash, a quarter of a red onion, and various shades and quantities of bell peppers.


I diced it up, sautéed the veg in a smidgen of olive oil, and added a bit of garlic sea salt and a pinch of saffron. Lastly, I added the rice and made sure everything got warm. Easy and tasty.20140903_165913